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Our Culture

Everything we do at Scahill Law Group PC is about respect.  Respect for our clients, respect for opposing council, and respect for the due process of law.  As part of this, we believe that communication, accessibility and accountability are critically important.  To achieve this, everyone in our firm has adopted a culture of responsiveness.  This simple act is the foundation of our Golden Rule.”

To keep our practice on the cutting edge and to ensure our continued success, we integrate technology every day into our practice to streamline efficiencies, to fast-track research and to communicate timely with all parties.  Our company culture is based on responsiveness, which is at the heart of everything we do.  This ensures that every detail of your case is handled professionally, expeditiously and effectively to produce the best possible outcome.

Led by Managing Partner, Frank J. Scahill, we are thought leaders in insurance defense, and are often asked to speak at claims conferences and other professional events to share our insight.  At Scahill Law Group PC, we always remain at the top of our game so we can lead your team to victory.

Our Golden Rule

THE GOLDEN RULE- Client Responsiveness Comes First

At Scahill Law Group PC, when you have a question or need information, you get a timely answer. A high degree of client responsiveness is the Golden Rule and we practice and live it every day.

Everyone who works for us knows to return phone calls within 24 hours or less. If your attorney is in court, you will have your questions answered by another professional in the office. And, when your attorney gets out of court, they will call you back – that same day.

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