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What You Need to Know About "MIST Expert" Dr. Michael Freeman

March 3, 2016
By: Frank Scahill

Dr. Michael Freeman lectures across the county for the plaintiff's bar on Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) cases. He has a YouTube video on "Defeating the MIST Defense" - watch here.

A 2015 event for the Oregon Trial lawyers gave this curriculum:

The junk science beginnings of the MIST defense - Research that debunks the MIST junk science

Overcoming the MIST Defense in settlements and trial Accident Reconstruction for Lawyers.

How to tell the adjustor why they are wrong about occupant risk in minor impact cases.

  • How to strike the defense's biomechanist or crash reconstructionist.
  • How to limit the defense's biomechanist or crash reconstructionist's testimony through motions in limine.
  • How to cross-examine the defense's accident reconstructionist or biomechanist when a judge allows their testimony.
  • How to win a minor impact trial.
  • The Special Investigations Unit/Fraud Unit, their involvement in minor impact cases, and how you prevent uniformly bad offers in these and other motor vehicle cases.
  • Working with chiropractors and overcoming juror and judicial bias against them.

When you put yourself out as an expert of this caliber, people are bound to check for prior testimony, prior Frye and Daubert decisions, and prior cross examination. When we did some digging, we found gold on this guy, including this letter of reprimand from Western Sates Chiropractic College with this rebuke from the Executive Vice President here.

Please feel free to pass around the transcript from the cross examination of Dr. Freeman on our Bronx County case last month. I am sure this will help if you run across this "expert".

Read the transcript here.

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